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Evelyn Iversen [DONE]

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Evelyn Iversen [DONE]

Post by Evelyn Iversen on Mon May 20, 2013 4:57 am



FULL NAME:Evelyn Valentina Iversen
BIRTHDATE: April/29/1998

OVERALL PERSONALITY:Eve was raised strictly,so she is very strict with herself.She tends to be bitchy,and many girl are jealous of her beauty and talents.She is very intelligent,but also cunning and unpredictable.She can get a little jealous too,but has her limits.Anger management is one of her problems,along with sarcasm.She tends to be very sarcastic,especially when angry.She is a very seductive and alluring girl,but very faithful when in a relationship.She is determined and spitefire,and no one could ever handle her.
LIKES: *Dancing
*Playing the piano
DISLIKES: *Immature People
*Queen Bees
GOOD QUIRKS:*Bites her lip
*Plays with every boy's hair

BAD QUIRKS:*Is really sarcastic
*Has bad anger management
*Is really flirty


Eve was born and raised in Denmark.She grew up with strict rules,and she was home schooled.Her parents were rich,but they never spoiled her too much.She was never an "it" girl.Instead,she was a simple girl with an expensive taste in jewelery.Her mother was a ballet dancer,so Eve grew up with a love for dancing.She showed a great talent for dancing,and her mother became her teacher.Even after dancing ballet for years,Eve was always a modern edition of ballet.She never really followed the rules of ballet,even though she was taught that way.

Her father was a piano player,so Eve learned to play the piano and developed a great talent in singing also.After begging her parents for years,she persuaded them into letting her audition for The Dance Academy in Australia.At start they were worried about their daughter leaving so far away,but they agreed to let her go,thinking that this would be a start of a career for their daughter.Eve has been in the Academy for 2 years now,and begins her third year.


FATHER:Alexander Ivan Iversen
MOTHER:Mia Valda Iversen
STATUS: Single and Looking
Evelyn Iversen
Third Year Student
Third Year Student

Posts : 50
Alias : Eve/Evangeline
Location : Copenhagen,Denmark

Birthday : 1998-04-29
Age : 19
Relationship : Looking
Cash : 98633
Join date : 2013-05-20

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Re: Evelyn Iversen [DONE]

Post by CAPTAIN! on Mon May 20, 2013 8:11 am

Profile Accepted!

Posts : 34
Alias : Captain!
Location : USA

Relationship : In Love With Dance Academy RP :)
Cash : 88727
Join date : 2013-05-19

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