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Órion Cabrera

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Órion Cabrera

Post by Órion Cabrera on Mon May 20, 2013 5:28 pm



FULL NAME: Órion Azure Cabrera
BIRTHDATE: May 13th 1998
BIRTHPLACE:Mullingar, Ireland.
SEXUALITY: Pansexual.

OVERALL PERSONALITY:Órion is always carefree, so she doesn’t set boundaries on herself about what she can't and can do. She can a sweetheart to others and is very observant and can pick up on people's moods or when their lying, she can sometimes be naïve to other people’s feelings as she might be focused on something else. Órion is always trying to see the positive outlook on life and people; she's always in high spirits. Sometimes, she may be sarcastic and she’s a firecracker, one minute could be getting high, then the next thing you know your rock climbing.
LIKES: Singing, Dancing, Baking, Drawing, Challenges, Video Games, Music ,Learning Other Languages, French, Spring, Anime, Photography.
DISLIKES: Negative people, Comedy, Clowns, Early mornings , Stereotypes.
GOOD QUIRKS:Good Singer, Spontaneous, Unpredictable, Always biting/licking her lip.
BAD QUIRKS:A Klutz, Bad at reading Situations, Terrible Liar.

Órion was born on May 13th in Mullingar, Ireland as the youngest of her three brothers; she lived in a carefree environment with her brothers as her parent’s seemed to be relaxed all the time, as if they didn't have a care in the world. It seemed as though she always got anything she wanted from clothes to money, when she got money she would donate some of the money or give some to a random person on the street as she didn't like to see people living in poverty. Her brother taught her how to play different types of guitars like; electric guitar, bass guitar and acoustic guitar and along the way she got into the hobby of singing.

By the age of 7, she had passion for dancing because she would always watch her mother dancing in the kitchen while cooking and singing; she would sometimes join in with her mother try to dance with the same grace and elegance. This caused her to start taking ballet and contemporary classes in Mullingar, she would always try putting a little twist on her dancing by adding in some hip-hop, however these classes soon become too easy for her, so she begged her parent’s to allow her to go to The Dance Academy.


FATHER: Arthur Cabrera.
MOTHER: Arielle Cabrera.
SIBLINGS: Jace Cabrera, Tom Cabrera, Lucas Cabrera
STATUS:Single & Looking.

Órion Cabrera
Second Year Student
Second Year Student

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Re: Órion Cabrera

Post by CAPTAIN! on Mon May 20, 2013 8:19 pm


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