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Shane Finnigan

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Shane Finnigan

Post by Shane Finnigan on Tue May 21, 2013 6:11 pm

Esme, Tabi, Mel (You Pick). Way too much to write. Depends on Storyline


FULL NAME:Shane Jackson Finnigan
BIRTHDATE: Nov 10, 1996

OVERALL PERSONALITY: Conceited,Self Centered, expects everything he wants
LIKES: Himself, Girls, All types of Dance, playing piano, playing guitar
DISLIKES: People who think they are better than him, meat,being told what to do
GOOD QUIRKS: Combs hair a lot,smiles at beautiful girls
BAD QUIRKS: Mouthy, doesn't listen


Every since Shane could remember he loved to dance. His parents had started him in ballet class when he was old enough to walk. He took to dance faster than anyone would have imagined. His whole world revolved around the dance so much that his parents had to enrolled him in private school. Because he was so advanced his parents had no trouble enrolling him in this schools.

The one problem you have when someone is as advanced as Shane is they sometimes develop a complex in which they think they are better than everyone else. After he reach the age of 12 he got to that point, he also choose not eat meat any more. He like his body perfect for dance and meat placed toxins in his perfect figure in his mind.

When he started Dance Academy he tried to make some friends and had a couple, but soon found out that everyone always seemed to be out for themselves so he tried to stand in the background at first and then he decided he wanted to be in the front and wanted to pass everyone. Now he was in his fourth year and things started to get more challenging and he was excited


FATHER: Micheal Finnigan
MOTHER: Melissa Finnigan
Shane Finnigan
Fourth Year Student
Fourth Year Student

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Age : 21
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Re: Shane Finnigan

Post by CAPTAIN! on Tue May 21, 2013 9:33 pm


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