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Post by Jennifer Evans on Fri Aug 30, 2013 5:21 am

Tanya. 8 years . 3.

      Jennifer Kaitlyn Evans     

  FULL NAME:Jennifer Kaitlyn Evans
  BIRTHDATE: January 22,1997
  BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California (Does not have to be Australia)
  SEXUALITY: Straight
  OVERALL PERSONALITY: mean snobby girl
  LIKES: Shopping, talking on the phone, hanging out with friends, being rich,and making people school life miserable (At Least 5)
  DISLIKES: wannabes, people wanting to be me, unpopulars, freaks, and nerds (At Least 5)
  GOOD QUIRKS: mean, snobby, being popular (At Least 2-3)
  BAD QUIRKS: being nice, helping losers, and talking to others that is not in the same social status as me (At Least 2-3)

   Jennifer Kaitlyn Evans was born in January 22, 1997 to a business typoon father and a Lawyer mother. Jennifer is that typical rich girl living on a golf course and she had a great life she got everything she ever wanted. Her parents are Rachel Leah Evans and John Brad Evans. when she was about 5 years old she started out cheerleading then by age 10 she went to dancing which is her passion that she takes seriously. She also have two sisters  Lindsey Evans and Ashley Evans  both younger. 

Jennifer is tall ( 5'6), she has blonde hair with brown eyes. her hair is alittle pass her shoulders.  she  comes across as a stuck up snobby rich girl. she is really smart and very athletic and she loves to dance in front of crowds. she have dreams of becoming either a professional dancer or a dance instructor after college. 


        FATHER: John Evans
        MOTHER: Rachel Evans
        SIBLINGS: Lindsey and Ashley Evans
        STATUS: Single
Jennifer Evans
New Member
New Member

Posts : 3
Alias : Jenny
Birthday : 1997-01-22
Age : 20
Relationship : Single
Cash : 78530
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